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The PDSA .NET Productivity Framework provides your developers with all of the core features necessary to build world-class business applications without writing code from scratch. The PDSA Framework is written using all the latest features of Microsoft .NET Framework Version 4.x. All of the base classes in the framework are written in C#. All samples and application templates are in C# and Visual Basic. PDSA's Framework fully supports both languages. PDSA's Framework is written using an N-Tier, SOA and Model-View-View-Model (MVVM) architecture and supports ASP.NET Web Forms, MVC, WPF, Silverlight, Windows Phone, Windows Store, Windows Forms and WCF. All this means you will be on your way to creating great business applications in no time at all.

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Save Time and Money

Tired of mixing and matching different (and sometimes incompatible) Frameworks such as CSLA, Entity Framework, LINQ to SQL, Enterprise Library, Iron Speed and/or Code Smith just to get your business applications out the door? You don't have to. Using the PDSA .NET Productivity Framework you get the best of all of these in ONE PACKAGE!

Using the PDSA .NET Productivity Framework you will be able to generate the standard requirements needed by today's business applications such as...

  • Forms Authentication and Authorization
  • Active Directory Authentication and Authorization
  • Forms Authentication with Single-Sign on for internal users, and login screen for external users
  • Active Directory Authentication and use our Roles/Permissions for Authorization
  • Turn on/off controls on pages without writing code
  • Turn on/off menu items without writing code
  • Secure pages without writing code
  • Add menus to your web applications without writing code
  • Logging and Audit Trails
    • Log to file, email, event log, sql server table, message queue
    • Automatically maintain database changes in audit trail
    • Exception Management System
  • Configuration Management
  • Store global/configuration settings in .Config file, XML file, Registry or SQL Server table
  • One consistent API across Web and WPF Applications.
  • Translate all your labels, messages and other resources into different languages
  • WPF
  • Silverlight
  • Windows Phone
  • Windows Store
  • ASP.NET Web Forms
  • Windows Forms
  • Business/Validation Layer
  • Data Layer
  • Entity Layer
  • We use View Models across all our applications to assist you with your unit testing
  • Add/Edit/Delete CRUD logic for each table
  • Search Logic for each table
  • Interface Classes
  • Response Classes
  • WPF
  • Unit testing projects included in each application template
  • Help system documenting every class, method and property
  • Videos for learning our Framework
  • Complete documentation
  • Includes a day of training!
  • Full phone, email and WebEx support for 1 year!
  • And much more...

These features, and many more, are built-in to the PDSA .NET Productivity Framework, saving you hundreds of hours of programming.

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